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220-701 220-702 220-801 220-802 225-030 ADR-001 BR0-001 CT0-101 CV0-001 FC0-GR1 HT0-201 JK0-018 LX0-101 LX0-102 N10-004 N10-005 PD0-001 PK0-003 RF0-001 SK0-003 SY0-201 SY0-301 TK0-201 XK0-002


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The StarrBoard, early predecessor to the harpejji:

StarrBoard inventor, Dr. John D. Starrett:

Tappistry, a great reseource for tapping instruments:

Website Designer:

Logo & Artwork Design:

Phase Design, a great resource for mechanical design and prototyping: