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A great attribute of the harpejji is that it provides something new for every musician! It does not matter if you play keyboard, lap steel, guitar, drums or bass guitar. Moreover, each musician can and will approach the harpejji in a unique way that results in new creative musical thinking. By demonstrating the harpejji to a variety of people, it has become apparent to us that all musicians have transferable skills that make the harpejji easy and fun to play. Here is what different instrumentalists will gain from the harpejji:

All will Enjoy:

  • New Chords – New chord intervals that are impossible to play on guitar or piano
  • An isomorphic instrumentClick here to learn why it is easy to master.

Keyboardists will realize these and many more benefits with the harpejji:

  • The Real Thing – The timeless and organic sound of real strings
  • More Control – The expressive nuance of direct string contact (sliding, bending, muting, vibrato, etc.)
  • EZ IvoriesTM – This marking system identifies all notes via a piano‚Äôs black and white color code
  • EZ OctavesTM – Double your interval reach on a piano
  • Add it to your Rig – No need to stop playing the keys. Add the harpejji as a new tier to your normal keyboard setup.

Bassists will enjoy:

  • The choice to cover a one-note bass line, or play full songs by yourself
  • Percussive Tapping – The percussive strengths of a tapping instrument
  • Fuller range of notes – A range deeper than a 5-string bass and wider than a 10-string bass

Guitarists will find that the harpejji is unlike anything they have ever heard:

  • Unique Tone – A tone and sound that blends well yet is distinct from all other instruments
  • The power of 10-finger compositions – Utilize all 10 digits for new and creative musical compositions
  • New Chords – New chord intervals that are impossible to play on guitar (or piano)
  • Two Parts from one Musician – The ability to cover guitar and bass parts at the same time