Simple, soulful, strings.

The harpejji is a real stringed instrument with an amazingly simple layout and playing method that enables you to quickly learn to play soulfully.


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3 octaves
C2 - C5 note range
(like ukulele bass)
12 strings, 15 frets


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4 octaves
C2 - C6 note range
(like guitar, but a little deeper)
16 strings, 19 frets

Oh yeah.

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5 octaves
A0 - A5 note range
(like bass + guitar together)
24 strings, 15 frets

Approved by Pros

Pros like Stevie Wonder and many others have adopted the harpejji and have taken it on the road... all over the world.


All chords and scales of any type have the same fingering, for any root note! Piano-like note markers make it easy to see your naturals and accidentals.


You can tap, bend, slide, strum, pluck, slap, pull-off, mute and more for a full range of human expression. Great dynamics let you play quiet to loud and everywhere in between.


The harpejji uses electric guitar and bass strings, made by Ernie Ball. Buy from us as sets or from others as singles. Strings are SUPER-EASY to replace and tune, videos are online.

Handcrafted in the USA

Every harpejji was and is built by hand in rural Maryland (USA) and they have shipped to over 30 countries worldwide since 2007.


It's easy on the back, neck, arms and hands. If you are comfortable typing on a computer keyboard, you will be comfortable playing the harpejji.

Dialed-In Sound

Every string has it's own smart electronic muter (to silence the open string noise), it's own tone filter, and it's own factory-set volume compensation.


We will build your dream harpejji! Describe what you want and we will make it happen!

Online Learning

There are many resources online, such as Harpejji Hangout (internet forum), YouTube video lessons, a Chord & Scale Library, etc. There are links on www.marcodi.com.

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