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The harpejji is a member of a small family of stringed musical instruments known as tapping instruments. Tapping instruments are descendents of the electric guitar but are optimized for a style of playing that involves tapping on the strings to produce a note. One of the primary benefits of this style of playing is that it only requires one finger to make each note, unlike strumming which requires at least one finger on each hand to make a note.

By freeing up more fingers, the player has the freedom to play arrangements that are physically too difficult to play with the more traditional playing techniques. Unlike all other commercially available tapping instruments, the harpejji has a keyboard-inspired playing interface that many will find easier to learn, more comfortable to play and more interesting to explore.

The harpejji is played on a stand, horizontally or on a slight incline or decline. A decline position allows the audience to see more of your playing, whereas an incline position makes it easiest to reach the top frets.