Musician Discount Program

Marcodi encourages musicians and music industry/education people to become new harpejjists. Various discount percentages are available, and one will be assigned to you based upon your responses to our form. Apply for a discount now and receive a response within 24 hours!

Here are the simple steps...

Step 1.  Click the gray button below and fill out the quick online application form

Step 2.  Marcodi will respond within 24 hours with your unique Musician Discount code

Step 3.  Shop online for the NEW harpejji of your choice, any new model!

Step 4.  Use your discount promo code at check out

Step 5.  Choose from several payment methods and financing options

Step 6.  Receive your instrument and start to enjoy!

Step 7.  Play it live, post online, send us photos and spread the word!


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