In Stock Harpejjis

SCROLL DOWN to see all of our current inventory that is ready to ship out today! It may include reconditioned and/or new harpejjis. Discount codes are eligible for all new harpejjis. Please try your discount code at check out to confirm that your product is eligible. Remember... the only way to get our 10 Year Harpejji Warranty is to purchase directly from Marcodi. Plus, when you buy from Marcodi, you always get fresh strings, a fresh set-up and ALL of the standard accessories.

If no products appear it means that there are no instruments in stock and available for shipping today. Please check back or consider a built-to-order standard or custom instrument. You could also contact us to get the inside scoop on what is coming available soon. Use this button:

Every In Stock Harpejji Includes:

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