Feature Highlights

An Electric Stringed Instrument

The harpejji is a real stringed instrument with special pickup elements on each string that can sound either acoustic or electric, depending on the tone settings onboard or in outboard equipment (pedals, amps, etc.) There is a whole world of sonic possibilities you can get by plugging the harpejji into different effects and amplification products.

Electronic String Muting

The harpejji has very specialized electronic circuitry onboard that silences each string individually until it is fretted (i.e. grounded). This enables you to strum many strings while only hearing the strings that you are actually playing. It also makes it easy to release the strings without fear of exciting any unintended "open string" notes.

Easy Chord/Scale Patterns

All harpejji strings are tuned in whole tone intervals. All frets are tuned in semitone intervals. Because of that, and the fact that we electronically mute the open strings, something amazing results... all chords and scales of any type maintain their pattern regardless of the root note! That means a Cmaj chord and a C#maj, Dmaj, etc. all have the same pattern. Click here to start learning how to play: Learn to Play.

Standard Strings

The strings on the harpejji are not specialized. They are standard electric guitar and bass strings. When it is time to change them, there is no worry about being able to find replacements. Of course, you can purchase string sets from us to makes things easier, but if you would like to buy them from your favorite online string supplier, we'll supply you with a list of gauges.

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