Piano Instinct,

Guitar Soul.

Do you have piano chops but love the soulful sound of guitar? The harpejji quickly brings the two together for you, while giving you a new approach to making music.

Like a Piano:


Low Notes Left,

High Notes Rights

White and Black Notess

10 Finger Independences

The Soul of a Guitar

 Without the Learning Curve.

Expressive Techniques

Tap • Strum • Bend • Vibrato • Slide • Hammer-on and Pull-off • Play Harmonics • Mute • Slap •  



Electronic Muting

The harpejji® has very specialized electronic circuitry onboard that silences each string individually until it is fretted (i.e. grounded). This enables you to strum many strings while only hearing the strings that you are actually playing. It also makes it easy to release the strings without fear of exciting any unintended "open string" notes.

The 3 Models

Handcrafted in the USA

Every harpejji® was and is built by hand in rural Maryland (USA). We have shipped to over 40 countries worldwide since 2007.

Dialed-in Sound

Every string has its own smart electronic muter (to silence the open string noise), its own tone filter, and its own factory-set volume compensation.


The harpejji® uses electric guitar and bass strings, made by Ernie Ball. Buy from us as sets or from others as singles. Strings are SUPER-EASY to replace and tune, videos are online.

Online Learning Resources

Song Tutorials

Internet Forum

Chord and Scale Library

Fully Customizable

The Harpejji Visualizer

The Custom Gallery

Up to 36 Months
Financing Available

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