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  • Which Harpejji Is For Me?

    The Models Are you interested in buying a harpejji but you're not sure which model is for you? This article will explore the differences between all three harpejji models to...

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  • What is a harpejji?

    Harpejji / har-pedge-ee / A stringed and fretted electric instrument that is played by tapping or strumming the strings.   Origins Developed in 2001 by Tim Meeks, the harpejji was...

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  • Leveling Up

    What is fret leveling? An important step in the harpejji manufacturing process is fret leveling. The process begins by taping off the instrument's body to protect the beautiful paint job....

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  • 10 Reasons All Keyboardists Need A Harpejji

      The harpejji is a stringed instrument that uses piano like note markings. This means that the harpejji doesn't have a large learning curve for keyboardists. Since the harpejji is...

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  • Top 5 Beginner Harpejji Tips

    For many people, learning a new instrument can be very exciting, but also challenging. We've compiled our top 5 tips for beginner harpejji players. 1.Crank up the volume! Harpejjis have...

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  • What Comes With Your Harpejji Order?

    CONGRATULATIONS!  You just ordered a harpejji.  Now, you're wondering, "What accessories comes with my harpejji?" Some items come standard with your instrument, while others can be added to your order....

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