Online Lessons

Fretboard Basics

Moving left to right, harpejji strings increase in whole tones (C,D,E,F#,G#,A#,C,etc.).  The frets increase in semitones (C, C#, D, D#, etc.) as you move away from the player.  Having both whole tones and semitones nearby is very handy! Click on the picture above to view the Harpejji Practice Poster.

Note Markers

The white markers on the harpejji represent the naturals, or the white notes on a piano.  C notes are indicated by hollow white markers.  The black markers represent the accidentals, or the black notes on a piano.  Clusters of two black notes are C# and D#, while clusters of three black notes are F#, G#, A#, as on a piano.

Chord & Scale Library

We are developing a library of chord and scale diagrams to help speed up your learning process.  Click on the image above to explore the chord and scale library.

Watch Video Lessons

We are also developing a series of video lessons on YouTube to help you learn.  Click on the image above to open up a new browser tab and start watching these videos.

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