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Posted on November 26 2018

Today, Cyber Monday 2018, marks the launch of our first ever Online Store.  We are very happy to provide a more intuitive shopping experience for all of our customers, and this is only the beginning... 

Please take note that purchases made through this online store will get:

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING of harpejji K24 and all orders over $5,000

Also note today's discount code CyberMonday2018 and be sure to add that during the check out process.

We welcome your feedback and questions, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the new Contact Us page.

Happy Shopping,



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  • Charlie Solak: September 29, 2019

    I don’t need the silicone keyboards or any other midi boards. i have tried all of them. Committed to IOS 13 and the iPad Pro 11, i just saw the harpejii yesterday.

    I gave all the of my keyboards away to deserving players. except for one I use for live recording tracking.

    The harpejii is the final gap. I’ve tried all others. Harpejii bridged the gap from a keyboard player to guitar. I have had a midi board strapped on just before Edgar Winter did, the 29 hashtags hung on me the day i got it. 120 volt ac and audio running along side by side.

    We were both signed with Unicord, Long Island, NY, (Korg). Dennis Brifel took notice and put me on a demo record, red plastic. Only criteria. Only Korg instruments could be used. We remained friends long after. The result, “Juggernaut.”

    I am one of Lachy’s biggest fans.

    Blues is the genre I love. I will not stray from. After Zak passed, I am still signed forever with no one to say go ahead or release me but I believe I found my first home with him and never went anywhere else.

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