Custom Harpejji U12


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      *Please give a detailed description in the 'Special Instructions' box in your shopping cart of the color you would like.*

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      The Harpejji U12 is the smallest harpejji model and is ideal for beginners, students, or for use as a solo/lead instrument.

      All U12 models have these features:

      • 3 octave note range (C2-C5)
      • 12 strings and 15 frets
      • Single mono output
      • Master Volume Knob
      • Master Tone Knob
      • Included Accessories: 
        • 9V DC Power Supply for your country
        • Ergonomic Tuning Wrench
        • Saddle Height Adjustment Wrench


      BIRCH BODY:  25-ply birch plywood, white maple veneer, palest color, lightest weight, darkest tone.
      MAPLE BODY:  13-ply hard rock maple, warm light color, tone between birch and bamboo.
      BAMBOO BODY:  Darkest color, striking edge, heaviest weight, brightest highs, strongest lows.

      MATTE CLEAR COAT:  Low shine, hides fingerprints, not ideal for dark colors.
      SATIN CLEAR COAT:  Shiny with blurred reflections.
      HIGH GLOSS CLEAR COAT: Sanded, buffed and polished to a dazzling lustre with crisp reflections.


  • Custom Gallery

    • This is a photo gallery of some custom harpejjis we made in the past, for ideas and references. Click on any photo to enlarge. To price out a custom harpejji, please go here:     The Custom Shop   
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