Leveling Up

Posted on March 16 2023

What is fret leveling?

An important step in the harpejji manufacturing process is fret leveling. The process begins by taping off the instrument's body to protect the beautiful paint job. Next, we use our ultra-flat granite plane to sand the fret tops so that no one fret is higher than another. Unleveled frets can result in a buzzing or a clangy sound. The next step is to reround or "crown" the frets with a special crowning file, and finally polish the frets to make them shiny and smooth.

The fret leveling process can take several hours to complete and requires a keen eye and craftsmanship. Harpejjis have been hand-builit in rural Maryland for over 15 years. Our luthiers have perfected their craft and know the ins and outs of producing the perfect sounding instrument!


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  • Patricia Morris : December 14, 2023

    What a wonderful sound comes from this instrument! I’d never heard of nor seen this instrument until a very few minutes ago. Now, I will be searching for more videos to see & listen to. Thank you 💛💙💜💚

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