What Comes With Your Harpejji Order?

Posted on June 08 2022

CONGRATULATIONS!  You just ordered a harpejji. 

Now, you're wondering, "What accessories comes with my harpejji?"

Some items come standard with your instrument, while others can be added to your order.


The harpejji k24 comes with a dual output Y cable so that you can have separate signals for the 8 bass strings and the higher 16 strings. The harpejji g16 and u12 models do not include an instrument cable, but can be ordered separately (see below).


Dual Output Y Cable (TRS) for K24:


Mono Instrument Cable for U12 and G16:


Power Adapters

Power adapters come with every harpejji order. International power supply adapters are provided to international customers.



Ergonomic tuning wrench

Every harpejji order comes with an ergonomic tuning wrench, which has a rubber grip and rounded tip for easy use.


Saddle adjustment wrench

Part of the harpejji setup process includes setting the saddle height to our default ranges. Some players may want to adjust the saddle heights according to their own comfort level. We include an adjustment wrench with every order.


"What add-ons do you recommend?"


Mono or SKB Case 

We always recommend adding a case to your order. It will keep your harpejji safe from the elements and also minimize dings and scratches.  We offer two different styles of cases, the Mono case for the k24 and the g16 or the SKB custom case for the g16 and u12. Both options are semi-rigid and lightweight.


Mono Case (k24 or g16):


SKB Case (g16 or u12):




Extra String Packs

Every instrument that we sell comes pre-strung.  But, we also sell extra string packs according to the model for future use (k24, g16 and u12).  


String Wipes

Because of the muting system, it's important to have good electrical contact between the strings and frets. As you play your instrument, the oils from your skin and humidity in the environment can build up, causing a break in the circuit.  If you are playing your instrument daily, we recommend cleaning the strings and frets every couple of days!








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  • Cecil Andrews: September 15, 2022

    1. Do the Harpjji have an internal amp or one have to be
    2. Which Harpjji is recommended for a beginner !!

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